The Society for Antibacterial and Antifungal Agents, Japan


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Rules of the Society

Chapter One: Name and Headquarters

Article 1

The Society bears the name "The Society for Antibacterial and Antifungal Agents, Japan"

Article 2

Headquarters are located in:

(c/o Shin-kosan Building)
13-38, Nishi-hon-machi 1-chome,
Nishi-ku, Osaka 550-0005 / JAPAN

Chapter Two: Purposes and Activities

Article 3~4

(Omitted) (See "Aims and Scope".)

Chapter Three: Members

Article 5


Article 6

Those who wish to join the Society should submit a prescribed application form to the Society in order to be approved by a board of directors

Article 7

The annual membership due is as follows:

Overseas Members: Yen 10,000.-
(including a quarterly journal "Biocontrol Science")
Other members resident in Japan: Omitted (See "About Us, 4. Annual Membership Due")
No entering fee is required.
The membership due should be paid in advance and no refund is made for any reason.

Article 8

Those who wish to cancel the membership should submit a cancellation notice in writing to the president. Unpaid membership due should be paid in full before cancellation.

Article 9

Through the decision of the general meeting, the president may remove those from the society who correspond to any of the following reasons either:

- loss of the honor of the Society,
- the act against the purposes of the Society, or
- non-payment of the membership due for at least last one year.

Chapter Four: Directors, Trustees, Advisers and Secretaries

Article 10

The Society is managed by:

- not less than fifteen but not more than twenty directors (including one president and two deputy presidents), and
- two auditors.

Article 11~16


Article 17

The Society has not more than one-hundred and thirty trustees.

Article 18~20


Article 21

  1. (Omitted)
  2. The Society may have some advisers and senior counselors provided that the board of directors approves
  3. (Omitted)

Article 22


Chapter Five: Meetings

Article 23

Meetings consist of general meetings, a meeting of trustees and a meeting of directors. General meetings consist of an ordinary general meeting and an extraordinary general meeting.

Article 24~30


Chapter Six: Property and Accounting

Article 31~32


Chapter Seven: Dissolving the Society

Article 33

The Society may be dissolved by the decision of a general meeting.

Article 34~35


Chapter Eight: Supplementary Regulations

Article 36

The fiscal and budgeting year of the Society begins on the 1st April and ends on the 31st March of the next year.

- End -